How to Care for your Earthenware Pottery


Earthenware wine cups and jug

If you have purchased earthenware wine cups, jugs or garlic jars, here are some tips for taking care of your pottery.
Unglazed earthenware is porous. The wine cups and jugs are made that way for a reason – the acidity of the wine decanted in the cup or jug, is absorbed by the clay itself and a more mellow flavour in the wine is brought out. Since the interior is porous you should never, ever wash the cups, jugs or garlic jars with soap!

My earthenware cups and jugs are intended for wine or water only.
Do not put food or other beverages in these pieces. The food will be absorbed into the unglazed earthenware and bacteria growth is therefore possible. For long lasting pottery, please use these pieces as intended.

Please rinse your earthenware pieces with hot water and let air dry.
Remember, NO SOAP! If the piece feels cold or slightly damp to the touch, it is not yet completely dry. Do not store until completely dry. Do not stack the cups or jugs, and store the pieces upright.

Your garlic jar is completely unglazed earthenware. It was made this way purposefully. I discovered that using a garlic jar that was glazed seemed to contribute to mould growth on my garlic. Since earthenware is porous, it has the ability to wick away the moisture from the garlic that is stored inside.

Garlic jars rarely need to be washed, but can be washed if you like. Follow the washing guide above and remember, NO SOAP!

While cooking, be aware that if you handle your garlic jar with greasy hands, the clay will absorb the grease and leave a dark mark. so get your sous chef to chop the garlic if your hands are greasy.